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Bela Elite Padel Racket

Bela Elite Wilson Performance Padel Paddle Black Red Fernando Belasteguin

Co-designed by one of the most legendary players to ever grace the sport, the Bela series is characterized by strong construction, unique texture and cutting-edge design to delivery a championship-quality blend of power and control for aspirational and accomplished players alike.

Layered with strategically woven carbon fiber and constructed with softer foam, the Bela Elite drips with comfortable power and serves up the lightest paddle in Fernando Belasteguin’s line. Factor in a sleek design complete with Bela’s signature and a textured surface featuring an arrowhead pattern, and it’s no wonder this paddle lives up to its name. An inspirational story of overcoming injury and all odds to become one of the greatest players of all time, Bela seeks to inspire the untapped legend within you. Paddle includes wrist cord that features “A Belasteguin Never Gives Up” in his daughter’s Spanish handwriting, a source of inspiration for Bela when he encountered his most challenging obstacles both on and off the court.

Essential Infos

  • Series : Bela
  • Paddle Shape : Diamond
  • Beam : 38 mm
  • Balance : 260 mm
  • Core Type : Soft EVA
  • Head Size : 84 sq in / 542 sq cm
  • Length : 455 mm
  • Weight : 365 g


  • Carbon Fiber Face


  • Soft EVA Foam


  • Sharp Hole Technology
  • Arrow-Grip

Paddle Features

  • Sublime Grip
  • Wrist Strap